Book Review: Pieces Like Pottery, Dan Buri

‘I can’t recommend it enough’ – that’s what someone on Twitter messaged me about this book. I had a ‘Look inside’ on Amazon ( and wanted to read more. Unfortunately, because I’m old-school, I had to spend £13 on eBay to get a copy. But, with such a strong recommendation, I knew it’d be worth it. I really thought that this book was going to change my life.

And maybe it did. It’s packed full of advice on how to live. Forgiveness, love, sorrow, death – it covers it all. I’m sure I learnt a lot from it. But I mainly wanted to read, not learn. The protagonists often seemed too good – unlike anyone I know. They knew what was right to do, and actually did it. But the book seemed to be trying to educate the reader on how to live rather than them living the story with the characters. Trying to dash our failures ‘to pieces like pottery’. I love Dan Buri for trying to do that. If I knew him, maybe I would know someone who’s like the protagonists. He’s obviously a very eloquent writer too, but I sometimes felt that the speech was unbelievable and too perfect.

Would I recommend this book? The short answer is ‘yes’. There were points when I turned my light back on after going to bed because I wanted to know what happened in the story. There were points when it made me cry. But it also has flaws. If you’re trying to get into writing yourself, though, I’d say that this is a reason why you should read it too. See what could be changed. See what doesn’t quite sit right in your gut. It’s not my favourite book; it’s not my least favourite. Going by the reviews, others love it. Me? I like it. There are other things to spend £13 on though.


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