#1WeekWithout – Makeup

This week started out as a week without TV and DVDs, until someone asked me round to watch a DVD at hers. So then I improvised and thought about what I hadn’t done already this week, and it soon became #1WeekWithout makeup. Not even a tinted lipbalm or tinted moisturiser touched my face. I realise now that once you’ve decided to give something up you should stick to it no matter what, but you’ll have to let me off this once. I won’t do it again. Promise!

It’s a bit of a cheat week too as I don’t wear makeup very often – only really if I’m going out for the night, or if I’m going to the hairdressers. There’s something about the mirrors in hairdressers that I hate. So what do I do this week? Book a haircut! Thankfully, it was fine and I didn’t mind it at all. I think it’s more about how you see yourself that matters. If you get it into your head that you need makeup and will look awful without it, then that’s what you’ll see. If you think, quite rightly, that you’re beautiful no matter what you’re wearing or which mirror you’re looking in, then guess what?

There was only one other occasion that I’d have worn makeup to this week: a local quiz! Yes, at the moment that’s my idea of going out for the night! I asked my friend today if she’d noticed anything about my makeup. She apologised and said no. But that’s a good thing. We might feel naked without makeup, but to everyone else we’re still fully clothed! And I did get a sweet compliment: “You’ve got a lovely smile in your eyes”. How poetic. Ok, so the bloke who said it was drunk, but that just makes him more truthful, right?

We need to remember that beauty isn’t about makeup. Be beautiful on the inside and you’ll be beautiful outside no matter what.


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