#1WeekWithout – a naked face

Each year, billions of pounds and dollars are spent on makeup, and some polls even suggest that women spend up to 2 years of their entire lives putting it on. That’s a lot of time and money, so is it worth it? I’m following up my #1WeekWithout makeup with 1 week wearing it – to everything – to find out whether it does make us feel different, and why.

When 12-year-olds paint your nails

I have to confess that even in my week of wearing makeup I didn’t spend more than a few minutes putting it on. It took the longest when I let my 12-year-old nieces do it one day, but I had a full makeover – nails, hair, the works! Ok, so you don’t need blusher over your entire cheek, but apart from that they did a better job than I do! And I realised that it’s all about the accessories, and little things can make a massive difference. Even just sticking something in your hair can transform your look. Why not try it?

One gem that I’ve discovered this week is Boots No 7 Airbrush Away Primer. I loved how this made my skin feel and, even though I hadn’t changed my routine in any other way, my skin seemed to look and feel smoother in the morning even before I’d put it on. At £16.50 for 30 ml it is pretty expensive, so if you’re thinking of getting it maybe make use of the current offer on No 7 – buy 1 get a second half price (http://www.boots.com/en/No7-Airbrush-Away-Primer-30ml_1738560/).

I won’t be putting my face on to walk around the house or do exercise, but I could make a bit more of an effort. In the time it takes to heat up my straighteners I can near enough have put primer, eyeshadow, blusher and mascara on. For me though, what seems to change more when I’m wearing makeup isn’t how I perceive myself, but how others perceive me.

So is the time and money worth it? That’s something each of us have to answer for ourselves. The most important thing is – just be you!


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