Valentine’s Day for singles

I loved Valentine’s day at school – would some secret admirer come forward and confess their undying love for me? As you get older though, that dream seems to fade. In fact, the only person that knocked on my door on Valentine’s Day last year was a burglar (true story!). I remember going shopping the year before and all the men were picking up last-minute flowers and cards, while I got a meal for one (please get your violins out). If you’re single, this can be the most depressing day of the year, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day for singles:

1) Get all your single friends together

Love is all around you if you look. You might not have a significant other, but there are still plenty of people in your life who love you, so celebrate them and share the love.

2) Offer to babysit

If you need cheering up, I sometimes think that the best thing to do is help someone else. Ok, so this year isn’t your year for Valentine’s Day love, but that doesn’t stop you making it happier for others. Enjoy spending time with your friend’s children while they go out and have fun. It’s better than being stuck at home alone.

3) Do something you’ve been meaning to do for ages

Being single has its advantages, so make use of them. Spend your free time doing something that you just haven’t got round to, like looking into a course you want to do, baking, signing up to that dating site…

4) Arrange a date!

Take it back to how it was at school. You know that person you’ve had your eye on down the gym, well why not ask them out? What have you got to lose?

5) Plan the next year

It’s good to set goals, whether they’re in love, work, fitness…so use Valentine’s Day night to plan where you want to be in a year, and how you’re going to get there.

6) Have a pamper night

Celebrate being single and have some quality you time! Grab a good book, get bubbles in the bath, treat yourself to chocolates, put your favourite movie on – anything that makes you happy and relax, because today might be a day for lovers, but you’ll only be happy with someone else if you can be happy by yourself.


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