The ultimate first date – turning movies from cliché to classic

Dates to the movies used to be commonplace, yet today they’re seen as unimaginative and cliched. But I want to give CPR to this date idea and bring it back to life. For me, a date to the movies ticks all of the first-date boxes, helping to ensure that the date won’t be a flop. Here’s why you should suggest the movies:

1) You get to test the water

This one particularly applies to internet dating. You could get on like a house on fire over the phone or messaging, but you never know whether you’ll have that connection until you meet. And if you meet and it’s not there, you don’t really want to be sat for an hour chatting when you’ve no intention at all of seeing the person again. But at least if you’re watching a film you’re not losing any time.

2) No awkward silences

Silences on a first date are the worst, but you don’t have to worry about that on a date to the movies. You’ll have a bit of time to chat before the film, and then afterwards you can talk about the film to get the conversation flowing. It really is a no-brainer.

3) It’s romantic

Sitting next to each other in the dark, touching each other’s hand as you both reach into the popcorn, having a film that you can remember as your first date… Sitting opposite each other in the bright lights of a pub just can’t compete.

4) Builds the suspense

Luckily, you’ve met and there is a connection, and you’re chatting away as you wait for the film to begin, and are desperate to continue as the film starts to roll. But you have to hold it, and wait, and they’re sat right next to you, hopefully thinking the same as you. It could be a horror film and you’d still be sat there with a grin on your face at the thought of what could be.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that you want to go on a date to the movies, but now how to suggest it? Be aware that the first thought that will run through the mind of your potential date is that you’ve put no thought into the date at all, so show them that that’s not the case, and give reasons why you think it’ll make a great date. Something like: I know it’s a cliché but I thought it’d be quite romantic to go to the cinema and out for a drink afterwards? There’s a great film on that I think you’d like…

Happy dating guys!



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