#1WeekWithout – saying “no”

Ever played the Yes/No game, where you can’t say “yes” or “no” and instead have to say “It is” or “I love it”? This week was nothing like that! I couldn’t cleverly craft my sentences so that I said “no” without actually saying “no”. I just had to agree to everything I was asked to do – or try to anyway!

At first, I didn’t even realise that I was saying no. Doing things my own way is so engrained in me that even when I’m trying not to it doesn’t even register that I am. My nieces asked me to stay longer and play a game, but I had to leave so said no. A busker on the train asked for money, so I gave her food. Mum told me where to go while I was driving, but I ignored it and followed my sat nav, which was taking me somewhere completely different. The lesson there: always listen to your parents! If I was going to do this properly, I had to try harder.

I’ll admit that at the start of the week I wanted to change my #1WeekWithout saying “no” to something different as it looked like I might end up going to Copenhagen with a stranger! Luckily, even though I stuck with the plan, that didn’t happen. But neither did other stuff that I’d already said yes to. I guess I’m too used to just doing whatever I want – and that’s not a good thing!

What I’ve discovered this week is that I’m rubbish at saying yes to everything. But it is good to push our boundaries and I think that I could put more thought into my responses. My choices seem to be based solely on whether, at the time of being asked, I want to do that thing. But it’s not all about that! Will it be good for me? Will it be good for another person? Will it push me out of my comfort zone and help me grow? Am I saying no as a knee-jerk reaction or could I say yes and the world won’t fall apart? This week has proven that I can’t change my mindset with a click of my fingers, but I’m hoping to think more before the word “no” comes out of my mouth again.


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