#1WeekWithout – Clutter (preparing to sell your house)

Sorry for the delay in posting this one – in getting rid of the clutter I packed my keyboard away. Anyway… I realised this week that I have a lot of clutter. I save everything: paintings that my nieces did when they were 2; souvenirs from everywhere I visit; photos; toilets (yes, I had a spare toilet that wasn’t plumbed in!). But now I’m selling my house and have been forced to put the clutter away, or (gasp!) even think about getting rid of it!! Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves in your house – they want to picture their life there, not be hit in the face by yours. At first, when I took all the bits down from the shelves and the pictures from the mantelpiece, it seemed like the house had lost some of its soul. It became a shell. But as I’ve got used to it I’ve realised that it’s still a home without all that, and I actually quite like it! My kitchen sideboards used to be full of everything that I used, but now they’re bare and I use stuff and put it away. It takes a matter of seconds but can make such a difference. The trick is storage and organisation – if everything has its place and is easy to find, a life without clutter is easy. Also, be selective in what you keep. Ask yourself if you really need that recipe card when you’ve got hundreds of others that you’ve already saved and never looked at again. And if you answer “Yes”, ask yourself “Really?”. It’s likely that, at some point, you’ll have to sort through everything and end up throwing it out anyway, so be ruthless. Only keep what you’ll use.

So this week really has changed things for me – I’m not going to hoard. I’m going to put things away, and I’m going to be as clutter-free as possible. That’s the plan anyway!


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