#1WeekWithout – butting in

Do you ever cut people off while they’re talking? I sometimes do, even though I would class myself as a good listener. I’m not meaning to be rude, but sometimes a thought pops into my head and instantly spurts out my mouth, probably because it’s scared it’ll get lost inside my brain if it stays there too long. Then I apologise and there’s the polite: “Sorry, you carry on”, “No, please, you”. But this week I held my tongue. It was hard to control at first and I realised that I did it even more than I thought, and some conversations I had to wait a looooooong time to finish before I could reply, but it was good for me. It forced me to improve my memory to remember points from earlier in the conversation that I wanted to make. It forced me to think before opening my mouth. And it forced me to listen to everything someone had to say before giving my opinion. Why not give it a go, even if it’s only for a week?


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